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Simon Arthur-Smith Counselling and Psychotherapy

Professional counsellor and therapist, helping clients in Brighton, Hove and remotely across the UK

Please take the time to read through some of the lovely client testimonials I have received.

For privacy and confidentiality reasons names have been omitted or changed. 


John, 25, professional footballer,  formerly playing with Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. (now a first-team regular with another Premier League club)

"I needed someone who I could trust and talk to about the problem which I needed help with. From the moment I met Simon I knew he was the right person for me. I felt like I could explain everything and was at ease speaking to him. I feel as [though] I have changed as a person [and been] helped to live [life] better. I would pass Simon’s contact details on to anyone looking for counselling because I know he is the best. Thank you very much Simon for the support you have given me though our meetings…"

36 year old female client, Brighton & Hove

"I got to the point in my life where something needed to change. My mind was a confused mess and I was sick of repeating the same old patterns of unhelpful behaviour. When searching for potential counsellors I happened upon Simon's website by chance and liked what I saw, so decided to meet him. I am pleased to say it has been the best decision I have ever made! Simon has helped me with so many issues and given me the tools to create a more positive and fulfilling future. I feel much more together in my head and although I still have much work to do in terms of changing old habits, I am now aware of what is happening and able to take control, instead of my mind controlling me. Simon makes you feel at ease and provides a safe space to talk about anything you need to. He has a very kind and gentle way about him, I never felt uncomfortable or awkward and was able to be myself completely in the sessions. My family and friends have all noticed a difference in me, they say I seem more content and happy and I definitely feel that too. Simon is great at what he does and I have already recommended him to a friend of mine."

Phil, 45 year old male client, Brighton & Hove

"From the first consultation I knew that Simon would be a wonderful counsellor.  Over the course of twelve sessions I found Simon to be thoughtful, intuitive and insightful. His sensitivity, humour and non-judgemental approach made me feel quickly at ease. I found myself enjoying the sessions and looked forward to going, which is not what I was expecting.  Simon is obviously a talented counsellor with great skill, however it’s his empathy and personable approach that I found to be most supportive.  I found myself easily adopting what I learned to great success and noticed a number of positive outcomes as a result.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Simon; he truly has helped me and has had such a wonderful impact in my life."   

23 year old female client, Brighton & Hove

"Simon, thank you so much for everything you have done for me. After just six sessions, I feel as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders... I have felt like my spirit is returning and my enthusiasm for life is slowly igniting again. I was a little sceptical before I started counselling; I didn't think I could be told anything about myself that I didn't know already - I felt I had gone over everything in my mind a thousand times. Simon, you helped me to look at things in a different way and helped me release myself from the guilt and pressures that had been put upon me by those closest to me and also by me. I'm so pleased I had counselling with you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to feel like me again."

35 year old male client, Brighton & Hove

"Simon Arthur-Smith has changed my life. In three months work, he has unlocked repressed aspects of my personality that have needed work for a decade and a half. Simon is a very kind, intelligent, diligent and talented counsellor. He has guided me through an extremely difficult, arduous and painful period of my life with patience, great care and astute observation. I would seriously recommend that anybody seeking counselling help contact Simon... his help with my life has been invaluable."

42 year old female client, Brighton & Hove

"In the 12 counselling sessions I had with Simon, he provided all the support and encouragement I needed to fully understand, and take action on, family and work relationship problems that I had struggled with for many years. As someone who suffers with bi-polar disorder, I have always been nervous of entering into therapy that might exacerbate my condition. Simon showed me that counselling can be used in a safe, grounded, yet very active way. He gave me goals to fulfil outside the counselling room, thus slowly increasing my confidence to voice my needs and concerns to the significant others in my life. It has been a difficult, sometimes painful journey, and one that is far from over, but I already feel the benefits of taking those first faltering steps, with Simon beside me at each and every turn."

45 year old male client, Brighton & Hove

"I contacted Simon a year ago to address some long-standing mood problems that have plagued me and everyone close to me for many years. With Simon's non-judgemental assistance and support I was able to see, quite embarrassingly and clearly, how I had fallen into a lifetime of bad practice and incorrect emotional response to the challenges these moods presented me with. Things have not been rock free since my 12 sessions with Simon, but any lapses have been all my own work. I can honestly say that, on the occasions I've let the side down, the talks with Simon have returned to mind and swiftly put my mindset back on track. I had ruined just about every important relationship I have ever had up until I met Simon. I make a habit of improving them these days and Simon takes a huge slice of the thanks for that. I'll admit to being something of a Luddite when it comes to "emotional help", but I'm glad I swallowed my pride and contacted Simon." 

Kim Leader, Hypnotherapist, East Sussex

"I gained so much value from the free initial consultation I knew I need not look any further - I had found the right person for me. I found Simon humorous, understanding and incredibly empathic. His wisdom and observations offered original ways of thinking about things and shed new light on how to respond more successfully in situations. One of the things that really amazed me about Simon is his impeccable memory for names, details and events. This demonstrated how well he had listened, making me feel valued and cared for. He is confident enough in his practice to receive feedback with the grace of a seasoned and experienced counsellor. I got a lot out of our sessions and think of them fondly. I would like to thank Simon for his warmth and generosity of spirit. I would heartily recommend Simon's services to anyone." 

57 year old female client, Brighton & Hove

"I had experienced depression and anxiety for most of my adult life and over the last two decades I had had a variety of therapeutic inputs as I looked for a way to deal with various symptoms and tried to live a more positive and psychologically healthy life. Recently I worked with Simon over a period of about six months following a crisis brought about by the ending of a long-term relationship. He provided a safe and welcoming space for me to deal with some very painful feelings and difficult issues. I felt cared for and also challenged in a skilful and generous way to explore the underlying patterns and connections. This allowed me to come to a natural end with Simon feeling more in control and to have further understanding of myself and my life. Thanks Simon for all your help."

21 year old male client, Brighton & Hove

"Thank you Simon for everything you have done to help me. I'm feeling so much better now, and my relationship is back on track, because of you. Thank you so much!"

48 year old male client, West Sussex

"I had reached a particular point in my life where I needed to work through some key issues - impending break-up of a long relationship, loss of my father, and big changes at work. Simon patiently listened, reflected and gently challenged me over the course of eight sessions, and helped me gradually move towards acceptance and resolution. I always felt supported, understood, befriended even, but never patronised. Best of all, I never felt hurried in the sessions, even though our time was short, and really appreciated the space to work things out at my own pace." 

33 year old male client, Brighton & Hove

"When I embarked on therapy with Simon, it took me a little time to get used to the idea. I had to be able to talk honestly and openly about personal issues, a sense of belonging, relationship matters, sexuality, work considerations, self-belief and self-confidence, death and loss and I found it a challenge at first to overcome my sense of vulnerability. Simon helped me through the difficult opening stage, facilitating me in feeling more relaxed, at ease and comfortable to talk about any of the above issues or anything else in my own time. He was able to offer me support, without ever passing judgement, listening impartially to my emotional baggage and helping me to work through it. Enabling me to get to a place of understanding, self-acceptance and realisation of where the answers to my dilemmas truly lay." 

30 year old female client, Brighton & Hove

"I initially started seeing Simon when the anxiety that I had been dealing with for much of my life became so consistent that it was preventing me from doing everyday things and was affecting my physical health. Simon provided a space that was completely for me, where I was able to start speaking honestly about how I was experiencing my life.  Simon has an amazing way of letting you feel accepted in your most vulnerable moments and this enabled me to learn to accept myself better, which was the key to overcoming my daily anxiety. As I continued to see Simon he helped me see myself and my experiences in a different light, which has been hugely challenging and frustrating at times, but life changing. Thank you so much Simon, I am still on a journey but I’m more equipped for it now. I really can’t express how much this has meant to me."

37 year old male client, Brighton & Hove

"I want to express my gratitude for the support that you gave me through our counselling sessions together. I returned to Brighton two weeks ago after the trip of a lifetime travelling round the world. I have decided not to go back to my previous career and to seek other opportunities. I want you to know the integral part your counselling played in allowing me to see beyond the situation I was in and have the courage to seek out what has been one of the most fulfilling experiences I have ever had. Not only that, I feel that the lessons I learned and the insight I gained into my own personality have had a lasting positive impact on my life. Many thanks."

54 year old male client, East Sussex

"Seeing Simon was not my first experience of counselling but after a 10-year break I was looking not for dealing with my old wounds and pathologies, not that they had entirely gone away!, but more for help in exploring a right way forward in my life and seeing what old patterns of behaviour and character traits still hindered, influenced or might even help me in this. I had twelve sessions with Simon, and I found him warm, gentle, empathic, with a great use of humour from time to time; and also he was never afraid to challenge me, gently but firmly as appropriate, or remind me of something when necessary, bringing me a fresh way of looking at or seeing things that always left me freer than before."

37 year old male client, West Sussex

"I was very anxious about visiting a counsellor, as I always thought that my problems were mine to deal with, and getting any help was a sign of weakness. I only wish I had come to Simon earlier. He helped me take a very important step in my life; not taking that step had been preventing me from becoming a happier person. I won't be afraid or embarrassed to ask for Simon's help in the future should I need it." 

Partner of 44 year-old male client, Brighton & Hove

"Thank you for really sorting my partner's head out, he has truly been a different bloke since coming to see you and it's lovely that he finally has a sense of self-worth, I can't thank you enough for all you have done for him."

42 year old male client, Brighton & Hove

"These sessions have been life changing for me. You have helped me to see myself more clearly. I am stronger for it. I finish greatly indebted to you for your wisdom, wit, strength and kindness."

36 year old male client, West Sussex

"Simon, I want to thank you for listening to all of my worries, concerns and problems, and helping me to 1/ find solutions, 2/ understand why things have happened, and 3/ how I can cope with things in the future. For those who are sceptical about counselling, I was one of you too.  I'm your 'average guy' - a typical tradesman that had kept telling myself that I can deal with all my problems on my own.  The issue was I couldn’t.  Last December I realised this and then looked for a solution.  My initial meeting with Simon put me at ease, this was someone I felt I could talk to.  The discussions were not always easy, but Simon helped me through each stage. Thank you Simon, you have helped me understand my thought processes and helped me to express myself and communicate more effectively with others."

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